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If you are like most small businesses, information technology is probably not your core business. You have enough challenges to face without trying to solve all your IT challenges internally. You need to leverage a knowledgeable IT firm like Rider Tech to protect and manage your network and computers to remain secure and efficient without taking up your valuable work time.

Rider Tech is more than just an IT services company, we are also an experienced consulting company focused on home and small business IT solutions. We take a very different approach to help our clients by meeting with them to understand their entire situation not just to inventory their current equipment and software. We meet with you to understand how you use your applications, identify areas of improvement and mitigating risks to develop a plan tailored to your needs and not simply selling you a “one size fits all” program. By understanding the “Complete” picture we can recommend and provide solutions designed for your business.

Unlike some IT services companies, we provide experienced guidance on your entire IT environment, including IT and security assessments, cloud backup storage, anti-virus services, IT budget planning, risk management, disaster recovery planning, in addition to variety of managed IT services.

IT Assessment

Rider Tech believes that reviewing your current situation is critical to developing the right suite of services to manage your company’s IT needs. We conduct a top-down review of your entire IT area, from networks to computers to hardware and installed software. We not only review what you have but how you use it and ask about any problems you have been having and help you to identify the critical areas you need support or improvement. After reviewing all the information, we can develop a managed service plan tailored for your company.

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Assessment Benefits:

  • Identify areas of strength to grow
  • Identify unknown risks and provide solutions to mitigate or eliminate these risks
  • Provides a strategic path for technology that aligns with your business goals
  • Identify opportunities to reduce operating costs

IT Strategy & Planning

A big challenge small businesses face today is making sure it has an effective IT program that supports your business goals. The technology decisions you make today can directly impact your business in the future from a financial, performance, and competitive standpoint.

Rider Tech can assist you with all your technology decisions and can provide experienced recommendations based on your business applications. We work with you to make sure your technology decisions are evaluated and selected based on your needs. Our experience using proven methodologies and frameworks, enable us to help you consolidate, optimize, expand, migrate, or implement the best technology solution that get you to your goals.

Disaster Recovery Planning

In today’s business environment having an IT disaster recovery plan that includes a data backup and recovery solution is critical to the survival of the business. Think about how loosing all or part of your data (emails, records, contracts, drawings, plans, sensitive information) would impact your business. Its not a matter of if but a matter of when a disaster will occur.

Rider Tech can help you not only create an effective disaster recovery plan but can implement a robust data backup process, monitor areas to detect threats, and assist with documentation and a recovery workflow to help mitigate the effect of a complete loss of data. Create a plan will not only save you financially in the long run, but it also provides you with assurance in knowing that even if the worst occurs a plan has been developed to protect and restore your information.

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Disaster Recovery Planning Benefits:

  • Creates and implements a backup plan and a recovery procedure
  • Identifies impacts to the business
  • Creates solutions and recommendations to reduce or mitigate gaps in service restoration
  • Identifies teams, roles, and responsibilities
  • Identifies key and vulnerable areas to monitor and or increase protection
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